Employee recognition

Employee Recognition

Do what you love and be good at it. This is how 香港六盒宝典开奖结果 defines a great career. We believe in our people and celebrate their accomplishments and milestones. In keeping with our culture of appreciation, we honour and celebrate the contributions made by our employees through the:

  • Annual Recognition Celebration
  • Long Service Awards starting at 5 years鈥 service 
  • Rising Star Award
  • Above and Beyond Award
  • Teaching Excellence Awards
  • Emeritus/Emerita Awards
  • Academic Division Awards
  • President's Team Excellence Awards
  • President's Distinguished Service Awards
  • Annual Retirement Reception
  • Employee barbeques
  • Holiday celebrations

Recognizing people鈥檚 contributions and commitment to their job is part of our culture. There are a variety of recognition tools and workshops to support leaders in providing regular feedback to employees. The recognition tools include hand-written thank you notes, e-cards, and certificates to mark an achievement.

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