English Language Learning and Acquisition (ELLA)

Study English at 香港六盒宝典开奖结果, a leader in English as a Second Language (ESL) education for university and college students in Metro Vancouver. Permanent residents, Canadian citizens, and refugees do not pay tuition fees.

Program Highlights

You'll study ESL through our English Language Learning and Acquisition (ELLA) programs, where you'll enjoy: 

  • Studying at one of the largest public colleges in Canada.
  • Working together with international and domestic students.
  • Accessing all the services available to the 香港六盒宝典开奖结果 Community.
  • Learning in courses professionally designed by highly-qualified instructors.

Are you a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or refugee in Canada?

Are you interested in English language classes at 香港六盒宝典开奖结果?

If you have a CLB 6, contact our departmental assistant for registration information at ella@douglascollege.ca or 604-527-5463.

ELLA Program Requirements

ELLA Immersion Programs

ELLA Program

International Students


Info Sessions

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Canadian citizens, permanent residents and refugees contact our departmental assistant or attend a free info session.
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