Classroom and Community Support

Make a difference in your community听as听an education assistant, community support worker, respite/home share provider, employment specialist, job coach, coordinator for inclusion supports and more.听Our Certificate in Education Assistance and Inclusion (EAI) and the Diploma in Classroom and Community Support can help you get there.

These听programs听provide听the听specialized听knowledge and skills听needed听to help promote the development, education, well-being and citizenship of children and adults with disabilities.

Education Assistance and Inclusion Certificate (EAI)

Start your career as an education assistant in as little as three semesters with the Education Assistance and Inclusion Certificate. Courses are offered听evenings and weekends, online or in a hybrid format to fit your busy schedule. As a part of your education, you鈥檒l participate in 160 hours of听practical听work experience.听Once you graduate, you can choose to continue your education into year two of the Classroom and Community Support Diploma.

Classroom and Community Support Diploma (CCS)

Learn important skills and knowledge in advocacy, augmentative and alternative communication, leadership, diversity issues, inclusive education and more with the Classroom and Community Support Diploma.听During the program, you'll complete two workplace practicums followed by a service-learning practicum.

Once you graduate, you can continue your studies into the听third听year听of the Child and Youth Care bachelor鈥檚 degree听at Douglas, or transfer into the third听year of a four-year bachelor鈥檚 program at听the听University of Victoria, University of the Fraser Valley, Athabasca University, Vancouver Island University and more.

Receive Transfer Credits

You may also receive transfer credit and/or prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR), if you have a minimum of two years of previous related classroom or work experience in the field.

Graduates of Child and Youth Care, Early Childhood Education, or Special Education Assistant programs from one of BC's public post-secondary institutions can receive transfer credit.

Graduates of our Diploma program can block transfer into the 3rd year of a number of degree programs at different institutions.

Explore Learning Options

Courses are offered in a blend of on campus, as well as, hybrid and online.

We offer听practicums that lets you gain experience by applying classroom learning in the field and gain valuable employment contacts.

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"I am a Supports Facilitator at an agency here in Vancouver. I have been enjoying working with people and I was fortunate enough to spend some time being involved with PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) for the Classroom and Community Support Program. While I have 11 years of experience in community support and have been learning at conferences, workshops, and seminars, taking PLAR has been an excellent opportunity for me sharpen the fundamentals of my practice. One of the nice benefits is, having worked with the material in the course, the refreshment on theory that has helped me be much more effective in my leadership and practice. Over two semesters, I was able to complete the maximum amount of PLAR courses and am now in good position to complete the Diploma which provides a healthy amount of credits to transfer or broaden my education."

鈥 PLAR CCS Diploma Student

"I am a student finishing my second year of CCS, and planning my next steps in higher education. Flexibility, night courses, online courses, were all very important aspects that听I was looking for in order to reach my destination. In the field now for 9 years, and working as an Educational Assistant for a school district, while being self employed on the side,听I needed a way to achieve higher education by maintaining my current work life in balance. CCS did manage to provide these opportunities for myself. With PLAR leading the way in advancing me further down the road as quickly as possible, and a fantastic set of instructors that made the courses seem like a breeze in a stress free environment,听I couldn't have asked for more."

鈥 PLAR CCS听Diploma Student and听Behaviour Intervention Certificate Graduate

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