Emergency funding

香港六盒宝典开奖结果 Emergency Funding is available to domestic and international students who can demonstrate an urgent or unexpected financial need. Eligible students will receive a one-time disbursement of funds to help cover their immediate聽extenuating costs. This fund聽is not an alternative to聽governmental funding. All other sources of financial assistance should be exhausted before applying for the Emergency funding.聽

Circumstances that we may be able to help with

Basic immediate needs such as:

  • Food security
  • Urgent living costs
  • Emergency health expenses
  • Transit fees if you are not eligible for UPASS

Examples of expenses we cannot help with

  • Outstanding and upcoming tuition and fees to 香港六盒宝典开奖结果
  • Financial support for partner and other family members
  • Previous debt obligations such as聽car payments and credit card bills
  • Non-essential expenses such as聽gym memberships and extraneous food and beverage costs

Please note documentation supporting your claims will be required for assessment.

How to access the fund

Please contact your Student Success Advisor聽to help you manage your individual situation and explore options for short-term critical financial assistance.聽Student Success Advisors are available for support聽by email, Zoom, and phone. Please email studentsuccess@douglascollege.ca to set up an appointment.