Online learning

What is Online Learning?

At 香港六盒宝典开奖结果, we use Blackboard for online learning activities. Collaborate and听Zoom (for online classes and meetings) and Kaltura (for creating and sharing media files) are often used in conjunction with Blackboard to facilitate interactive and varied learning experiences.听

Blackboard is a web-based platform, and a stable wireless or network connection is necessary. Please contact the CEIT Service Desk at 604-527-5330 if you need technical help.

What can I expect from Online Learning?

Instructors use Blackboard and related online tools in different ways, depending on how much time has been allocated to online learning. See the descriptions below for the difference between Enhanced, Hybrid, and Fully-online courses. Here are some common tasks, tools, and conveniences that you may encounter:

  • Access to digital course materials
  • Course messages and communications with the instructor and classmates
  • Assignment uploading and submission receipts
  • Online quizzes, tests, and surveys
  • Discussion forums
  • My Grades information
  • Online group work and collaboration
  • Course calendar
  • Multimedia file sharing
  • Live and recorded lectures and webinars

Enhanced courses are delivered in the classroom, using Blackboard as an online space to provide course materials and a means of communicating with the instructor and fellow students. Blackboard is used to supplement the face-to-face classroom instructional time during the scheduled hours for the course.

Hybrid courses are delivered partially in the classroom, and partially online. Traditional face-to-face instruction and activities are blended with the Blackboard environment which is used to provide course content, submit assignments, take tests, and participate in online activities. The necessity to be on campus is reduced with this model. Note that a commitment to course participation in both the face-to-face classroom and the online classroom is required.

Fully-online courses are delivered entirely online and via Blackboard. All course materials, communications, interactions and learning assessments are provided and mediated in the online environment.

Instructors may use Zoom,听Collaborate (a web-meeting tool) for online office hours, class sessions, or group work assignments. They may also use Kaltura (a tool that affords the ability to upload audio and video files for assignments or course content).

Further information and resources specific to how we use Blackboard Learn at 香港六盒宝典开奖结果 can be found at . Look under the Student Resources tabs.

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