Child and Youth Care faculty members

As faculty we are committed to our own learning and unlearning in doing the work of anti-colonial and anti-racist praxis in child and youth care. We engage in scholarship and teaching to nurture inclusive learning environments and communities of belonging. We teach with culturally relevant pedagogies guided by the First Peoples Principles of Learning that enact our commitments to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action and UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).听听听

We strive to work with students to interrupt structures and practices that uphold patriarchy, heteronormativity, ablism, classism, racism, colonialism, economic inequality and other forms of oppression and violence.听 We support students to think through and take action in addressing systemic and structural inequities in our complex and changing world through collaborative, applied relational praxis with children, youth and communities.听听

Yvonne Gomez, BA, BSW, MSW,

Co-Coordinator, Faculty


Office: C1070

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA (Women's Studies), BSW, York University, MSW, University of Victoria听

Areas of Instruction: Child and Youth Development, Working with Families, Abuse and Recovery, Activity Planning

CYC Practice Expertise: CYC Practicum, Work-Integrated Learning, Child Welfare and Kinship Practice, Community Development, and Critical Thinking听

Yvonne Gomez

Tiffany Sosnowski, MSW, RSW

Co-Coordinator, Faculty


Office: C1038

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Masters of Social Work (MSW), University of British Columbia

Areas of Instruction: Substance Use and Mental Health for Adolescents, Advanced CYC Skills and CYC Practicum

CYC Practice Expertise: Adolescent Substance Use and Mental Health, Healthcare Systems, Program Development, Community Development, CYC Practicum Education

Tiffany Sosnowski

Jacky Barreiro, MA, MBA, PhD听


Office: C1036

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA University of Loja, MA University of Delaware, PhD Simon Fraser University

Areas of Instruction:听CYC Practicum, International and Community Development, Research Methods

CYC Practice Expertise:听Diversity in Education, International Education, Relational Practice, Post-qualitative Methodologies

Jacky Barreiro

Robert Bates, MA


Office: C1042

Education: Dip (CYC) 香港六盒宝典开奖结果, BA (CYC) University of the Fraser Valley, MA (CYC) University of Victoria

Areas of Instruction: History and Substance of Professional Child & Youth Care, Legislation & Policies, Child Protection, Family Violence & Abuse, CYC Practicum

CYC Practice Expertise:听Child & Youth Care Professionalization, Life Space Crisis Intervention, Child & Family Agency Accreditation, Child & Youth Care in Child Protection

Robert Bates

Justin Chan, MEd, RCC


Office: C1034

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA (Psychology), MEd (Counselling Psychology), Simon Fraser University听

Areas of Instruction: CYC Practicum, Theories of Change, Relationship Practice Skills, Activities and Groups in CYC

CYC Practice Expertise/Interests:听Relationship and Counselling Psychology, Reflective Practice, and the Uses and Effects of Technology

Justin Chan

Carys Cragg, Ed., RCC, CYC-P


Office: C1067

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA (CYC), MA (CYC), University of Victoria, EdD Western University

Areas of Instruction:听CYC Practicum, CYC Foundations, Applied Child & Youth Development

CYC Practice Expertise:听CYC Practicum, Work-Integrated Learning, Reflective Practice, Program Development/Quality Assurance, Professional, Academic, and Creative Writing

Carys Cragg

Kristy Dellebuur O'Connor, PhD听


Office: C1068

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA (CYC), MA (CYC), University of Victoria, PhD Simon Fraser University

Areas of Instruction:听Change Theory, Systems Theory, Applied Development, CYC Practicum

CYC Practice Expertise:听CYC Praxis, Anti-Racist & De/colonizing Teaching & Learning, Relationality, Adolescent Well-Being

Kristy Dellebuur O'Connor

Meaghan Dougherty, EdD.

Co-Coordinator听Youth Justice Program, Faculty


Office: C1049

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA (Hons.) (Crim), MA (Crim), EdD (Post-Secondary Leadership), Simon Fraser University

Areas of Instruction: Substance use and mental health, Social research methods, Professional ethics, Practicum

CYC Practice Expertise: Youth Justice, Substance use, Non-profit management听

Meaghan Dougherty

K. Larisa Hanssen, MA, GDBA


Office: C1038

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA (Psychology & Anthropology) University of Victoria, MA (CYS), Mount Saint Vincent University

Areas of Instruction: Relationship Building, International Perspectives in CYC, Applied Child & Youth Development, Group Facilitation/Leadership听

CYC Practice Expertise: Transitions from Government Care, Youth Homelessness, Youth Mental Health, Program Development and Evaluation, Reflective Practice听

Larisa Hanssen

Cheryl Inkster, MA,听PhD (Candidate)


Office: C1070

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA (Child and Youth Care), 香港六盒宝典开奖结果, MA (Counselling Psychology), Simon Fraser University, PhD (Counselling Psychology) (in-progress),听University of British Columbia

Areas of Instruction: Counselling and Relationship Building,Aboriginal Perspectives and Experiences, Critical Issues in Practice

CYC Practice Expertise: Indigenous Children's Health and Wellness, Identity development, Child and Youth Mental Health, Counselling and Communication Skills

Cheryl Inkster

Jason Lam, MSW, RSW


Office: C1035

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BCOM (Marketing) University of Alberta, MSW and MSc (Mental Health), University of Michigan听听

Areas of Instruction: Counselling and Relationship Practice Skills, Child & Youth Development, 听CYC Practicum,听Social Research Methods

CYC Practice Expertise: Children and Youth Mental Health, Child Welfare, E-Mental Health, Social Entrepreneurship听

Jason Lam

Emily Taylor, BA, MEd


Office: C1035

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA (Double Minors in Sociology & Political Science) SFU, MEd (Indigenous Education and Leadership) UBC

Areas of Instruction: Indigenous Pathways: Intro to Indigenous Child, Youth and Family Practice, Indigenous Experiences & Perspectives, First Nations Policies and Legislation, Working in Communities

CYC Practice Expertise: Indigenous Knowledge and Pedagogy, Indigenizing Curriculum and CYC Practice, culturally safe, culturally relevant and responsive educational spaces

Emily Taylor

Jessica Williams, MSW, RSW


Office: C1035

贰诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍:听BA (Criminology), Simon Fraser University, MSW, University of British Columbia

Areas of Instruction: Mental Health in Childhood and Adolescence, CYC Practice in Child Protection, Counselling Skills, Advanced CYC Skills and Developmental Theory

CYC Practice Expertise: Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Counselling, Child Protection, and Family Systems

Jessica Williams