BSN Peer Mentorship program

香港六盒宝典开奖结果 is the first college to commence an independent baccalaureate nursing program at a college in British Columbia. In response to a need for an enhanced social culture, personal/professional/academic growth, and improved student experiences, the BSN Peer Mentorship program was created.

The BSN Peer Mentorship program is a formal mentorship program in a casual environment. The program is directly aimed at enriching social culture and developing social connectedness, encouraging student interactions and camaraderie, and facilitating a community of support and engagement (1).

Peer mentorship is also known to facilitate personal and professional growth (2), and positively impact one鈥檚 academic performance (3,4).

The BSN Peer Mentorship program is the initial phase of our vision: a culture of engagement, support, and community.


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