Enrolment status and scheduled breaks for international students

Enrolment status is important to keep in mind when considering your working eligibility, Post-Graduation Work Permit, or taking time away from studies.

Part-time vs Full-time Enrolment

Full-time enrolment means registering and completing a minimum of 9 credits per academic semester. If a student withdraws or receives a聽W, UN, UNW, FD, or AUD聽grade the course will NOT count towards the full-time course load. As a clarification note, a grade of 鈥楩鈥 does not carry academic credits but counts towards the full-time course load of a student. Please refer to our grading policy for other grades that can count towards a full-time course load.

International students are recommended to complete a minimum of 24 credits per calendar year. We also recommend students to complete their program within the program length. For example, students should complete a 2-year Diploma program in 2 years.听

During Fall and Winter semesters, students should be enrolled full-time in order to maintain working eligibility. Please visit the 飞辞谤办颈苍驳听辫补驳别 for international students for more info about eligibility.听

* All Hospitality students should register and complete a minimum of 24 credits per year. To meet the Hospitality full-time requirements, additional credits taken during summer semester can count toward full-time enrolment for Fall and Winter semesters. Hospitality students must still maintain 9 credits minimum during Fall and Winter semesters. Please visit the Hospitality聽program page for more info.听

If you need to take a semester off (less than 150 days) due to extenuating or unforeseen circumstance please contact us.

Scheduled Breaks

IRCC allows each institution to define its own scheduled breaks.

Scheduled Breaks are defined as Study Breaks, Summer semesters and the time between semesters from the day AFTER the exam period until the day BEFORE the first day of class of the next semester. Students are required to enrol in the semesters before聽and after the聽scheduled break. For example, if you are taking Summer semester off as your scheduled break, you are required to enrol聽in the Winter and Fall semesters of the year.听

Please note聽that聽Summer semester cannot be your scheduled break if it is your first or last semester in the program that you are currently enrolled in.听

All programs offered to international students are eligible for scheduled breaks EXCEPT Post-Degree Diplomas鈥痑nd Certificate programs.If you choose to take 2 Post-Degree Diploma鈥痯rograms back to back, you may take one semester off between them as long as the break is no more than 150 days.听

If you are planning to work in summer semester as your scheduled break, please check Working as an International Student page聽for more information.听

Distance Learning

Starting from Winter 2022 semester onwards, we strongly recommend that students who are inside Canada to complete聽in-person classes聽to meet聽post-graduation work permit eligibility requirements.听If you have any questions, please contact聽one of聽our聽International Student Advising Specialists.听


To support your future applications to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) you can submit our Enrolment Status and Scheduled breaks letter with your application.


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This questionnaire assumes you are taking courses exclusively at 香港六盒宝典开奖结果. This form is intended for general inquiries only and should not be used as a legal immigration document. The burden of proof is on the student to comply with the conditions of your study permit and to ensure your eligibility and compliance.