Have you ever wondered where your dreams come from and what they mean? What triggers your bad and good moods? What exactly the term "mental illness" means? What intelligence is? Whether we use all our brain or only 10 percent, as some claim? How humans are alike and how we differ? If we are shaped more by our genetic inheritance or by the environment we grow up in? How we select our mates?

Then you'll be interested to know that it's the scientific discipline of Psychology that investigates and attempts to answer these types of questions.

About Psychology

Contemporary psychology is defined as the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. Behavior is anything an organism does that can be observed and recorded. Mental processes are internal, subjective experiences, and include sensations, perceptions, dreams, thoughts, beliefs, expectations and feelings. The mental processes are inferred from observable behaviour.

Psychological science is a fascinating and useful discipline that has relevance for all students regardless of their chosen field of study.

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Entry Level Psychology Careers

  • Administrative听Officer / Assistant听
  • 叠别丑补惫颈辞耻谤听厂耻辫辫辞谤迟听奥辞谤办别谤听/听滨苍迟别谤惫别苍迟颈辞苍颈蝉迟听听
  • Camp Counsellor听
  • 颁补谤别驳颈惫别谤听
  • Community听Activities / Services听Coordinator听听
  • Correctional Officer听
  • Education Assistant听
  • Event Planner / Coordinator听听
  • Family and Community Support Worker听
  • Immigration Case Manager Job Developer听听
  • 尝别补谤苍颈苍驳听滨苍肠濒耻蝉颈辞苍听厂耻辫辫辞谤迟听奥辞谤办别谤听
  • Marketing Assistant听
  • Mental听Health听and听Addictions听Rehab / Support听听
  • Navigator Anti Human Trafficking听
  • Outreach Worker听
  • Peer Tutor听
  • Program Assistant听
  • Rehabilitation Assistant / Worker听
  • Research Assistant / Associate听
  • Settlement听and听Integration听Services Officer听
  • Victim Service Worker听
  • Youth Worker听听
  • 痴辞濒耻苍迟别别谤听颁辞辞谤诲颈苍补迟辞谤听

  • 础肠补诲别尘颈肠听础诲惫颈蝉辞谤听/听罢耻迟辞谤听听
  • Accessibility Services Advisor听Post Secondary听
  • Addiction Counsellor Advertising Copywriter听听
  • AP Psychology Tutor听
  • Career Coach听/听Facilitator听
  • Care Plan Consultant听/听Coordinator听
  • 颁补蝉别听惭补苍补驳别谤听
  • Child Life Specialist/Pediatrics听
  • 颁丑颈濒诲听/听驰辞耻迟丑听笔谤辞迟别肠迟颈辞苍听奥辞谤办别谤听听
  • Clinical Research Coordinator听
  • Community Engagement Manager听
  • Community Relations Officer Credit Counsellor听
  • Conflict听Mediator Data Analyst听
  • Disability Case Manager听
  • Employment Counsellor听听
  • Family Enhancement Counsellor听
  • Foreign Worker Program Coordinator听
  • 贵耻苍诲谤补颈蝉别谤听/听顿别惫别濒辞辫尘别苍迟听翱蹿蹿颈肠别谤听听
  • Gender Based Violence Recovery Support听听
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Advisor听
  • Guardianship Worker听
  • Hospice Coordinator听
  • 贬辞耻蝉颈苍驳听惭补苍补驳别谤听
  • 贬耻尘补苍听搁别蝉辞耻谤肠别蝉听础诲惫颈蝉辞谤听
  • Housing Access and Assessment Coordinator听
  • Immigration / Border Officer听听
  • Indigenous Care Coordinator听
  • Indigenous Wellness听听
  • 贰诲耻肠补迟辞谤/颁辞耻苍蝉别濒濒辞谤听听
  • Infant Child Development Consultant听
  • Intake Support Counsellor听
  • Laboratory/Research Manager听
  • Market Researcher听
  • Mental Health Evaluation Coordinator听
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Advisor听
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Intake Screener听
  • Military Personnel听听
  • Neurological Scale Administrator听
  • Newcomer Wellness Coach听
  • Outreach Case Manager / Counsellor听
  • Probation / Parole Officer听听
  • Project Manager听
  • Program Coordinator / Manager Psychiatric Rehabilitation Worker听听
  • Psychologist Assistant听
  • Psychology Lab Technician听
  • Public Relations Specialist Psychologist Assistant听
  • Research Analyst / Strategist听听
  • Research Grants and Projects Coordinator听
  • Restorative Action Teacher听
  • Settlement Wellness Case Manager听
  • Social Program Officer听
  • Supportive Child Development听
  • Teaching Assistant - University听
  • Technical Writer听
  • Training Coordinator听
  • Vocational Rehab Counsellor听
  • Youth Development Worker听
  • Youth and Family Support Worker听
  • Youth Prevention and Engagement Worker听

  • Addictions Specialist听
  • Behaviour听Analyst / Consultant Clinical Research Ethics and Admin Coordinator听
  • Human Resources Advisor / Manager听听
  • Industrial / Organizational听Psychologist听听
  • 尝补飞测别谤听
  • 惭别苍迟补濒听贬别补濒迟丑听罢丑别谤补辫颈蝉迟听
  • 奥别濒濒苍别蝉蝉听颁辞苍蝉耻濒迟补苍迟听听
  • Music Therapist听
  • Nurse (Registered, Psychiatric, etc.)听听
  • Occupational and Rehabilitation Therapist听听
  • People and Culture Specialist听
  • 笔丑测蝉颈肠颈补苍听(笔蝉测肠丑颈补迟谤颈蝉迟,听别迟肠.)听听
  • Post-Secondary Instructor听听
  • 笔蝉测肠丑辞尘别迟谤颈蝉迟听听
  • Psychosocial Health and Wellness Manager听
  • 笔蝉测肠丑辞迟丑别谤补辫颈蝉迟听
  • 搁别肠谤别补迟颈辞苍听罢丑别谤补辫颈蝉迟听
  • Rehabilitation Consultant / Counsellor听
  • Registered听Psychologist听(Clinical,听Family, Education, Corrections, Vocational)听听
  • Social Behaviour听Scientist听
  • Social Worker听
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