Manage your loan

Stay in touch with your and maintain proof of your ongoing studies.

Maintaining loans and grants

  1. Pay tuition and other required fees or聽apply for a fee deferral听产测 the fee payment deadline
  2. Maintain the required course load and a satisfactory scholastic standing. Connect with your Student Success Advisor before dropping or repeating courses.
  3. Update contact information online with both聽听补苍诲听.
  4. Update banking information while in study by using the聽.

To continue receiving financial aid, the鈥疌anada Student Financial Assistance Act, Canada Student Loans Program policy and StudentAid BC policy聽require you to maintain a satisfactory鈥痵cholastic standing.

Returning full-time student receiving further student loans: Your previous loan balances will automatically be put into interest-free status if you are approved and confirmed for new loan funding.

Returning full-time student not receiving further student loans: 聽as soon as you return to studies.

If you have a previous part-time government student loan and you are returning to either part-time or full-time study, you do not need to begin repayment; however, you must inform your lender that you are returning to study.

You have鈥痵ix months鈥痜rom your study period end date before you must start paying back your loan.

Student Loan Process