Equity, Diversity And Inclusion Initiatives

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Learning Series for all employees and faculty. (Completed Fall 2022)
  • EDI Steering Committee to provide guidance on the EDI Strategic Plan. (Created October 2022) 
  • Gender Inclusive Washrooms 鈥 We respect people's right to choose the washroom that is most appropriate for them. (Completed Summer 2022)
  • An Equity in Hiring statement to promote the recruitment of people from groups that are experiencing inequity. (Completed May 2022)
  • Free Menstrual Products - Free menstruation products are available in all our washrooms. (Completed March 2022)
  • Indigenization Initiatives - An Indigenization strategy was developed in June 2019, outlining three broad objectives and eight subsidiary ones. These objectives have now been broken out into four initiatives that are included in the 香港六盒宝典开奖结果 2020-2025 strategic plan.
  • Partnered with the an organization that focuses on practical sustainable solutions to help 香港六盒宝典开奖结果 move towards true inclusion. (Partnership started November 2014)

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